Prehab is now back under construction. Thanks for your patience. Check back in 2018!

Prehab is a Preventative Rehabilitation Program to help you stay away from injury. It's a monthly program developed to connect GCH with our clients busy schedules to help with accountability, motivation, and fitness tracking. Utilizing Trainerize platform for online and mobile training, you will have homework created to get your fitness goals back on track.

Check out the info at for more info about Trainerize. 

Online training with Grit City Health

  • Training with GCH online will allow you to be up to date with your workouts. You will have 24-hr access to your workout schedule, and detailed video workouts to allow you to achieve the results you want from a proven customized workout plan.
  • You’ll also receive email reminders of your workouts, so that you will know exactly what needs to be done. The online training feature is an amazing compliment to your 1-on-1 training sessions with GCH. 
  • GCH will provide the workout, you pick the time and location!
  • Working out with GCH has never been more simple and convenient!

Two different plans to consider...

Prehab CORE                               $35/month
Our Prehab CORE program comes with 4 weeks of homework sent directly to you online. While this option is not as custom as the ELITE program, we have created a wide range of templates to help you have a safe and varied program to keep you progressing in the areas that help you achieve your goals. 

Prehab ELITE                                    $99/month
This ELITE program is the next step. It comes with 4 weeks of completely custom homework sessions, designed specifically for your goals, sent directly to you. This level of customization will help you see the results you are looking for while taking into account any modifications needed or progress you already have made. 

These weekly workouts have been designed to help you progress fast and challenge your body. A regular check in, either in person (during an In-Clinic Session), in a video chat via Skype (during an Online Session) is a great way to ensure you are doing well, and progressing with the program. For those that are local, this program also comes with FREE sauna use before or after your In-Clinic Session.