Are you interested in getting started with Grit City Health? This page is for you. Here I have tried to put everything you need to know about getting started. Most of this information is spread throughout the website, but I have compiled some important stuff together to make it easier to get all set up (or make a decision if GCH is right for you). As always, if you have any questions, please let me know (send an e-mail, text, or just call me up).

Who am I and what is Grit City Health?
I am Patrick McCabe, the owner/practitioner of GCH. Previously, I have been a real estate agent, an owner of/teacher at a small Pilates studio, and a sales manager of a rock climbing gym, along with other creative projects. I received my first Pilates certification in 2007 and my massage license in 2015. From that, Grit City Health was born. This is place where I can combine and utilize all of my professional experience to help people move through the world with ease and with a zest for life. 
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How long is a New Clients Assessment?
Your initial New Client Assessment is an intake appointment. It is always 75 minutes long for which 90 minutes of time is blocked out for you so we can ensure nothing is rushed. It is a session that usually consists of a little bit of movement, a little bit of treatment, and a little bit of relaxation. After this session, we will go over findings and work on a plan to help you work towards your goals.

What does it cost?
Assessments at GCH are just $100 +tax. This is covers the appointment, and new client intake process. After your assessment, you can purchase sessions individually or in packages. GCH uses a "Unit" system that allows you to customize your schedule, session length, and to control your budget.  I accept cash and use a Square for all major cards. Also, I don't accept tips. 
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Where is the clinic?
UPDATE 10/23/2018 - Grit City Health has moved to 4309 N 13th St. It is a wonderful house with a movement/fitness room, a treatment room, and full facilities. With this move, the sauna was not able to come with, so that service is no longer being offered. If you have any questions, please let me know. 

How do you get started? 
The first step is to request a New Client Assessment. An assessment of where you are at and where you want to go is the main purpose of an intake session in addition to getting to know the clinic and the practitioner (me). This intake is 75 minutes long and is just $100 (+tax). It allows us to go over your client intake form/health history, take you through some movement/strength/range of motion exercises, assess your structure and musculature system, and finish up the session with some relaxation massage. Afterwards, we will take some time to set goals, make a plan to move forward, look at packages, and schedule your next session. 

What should you wear and bring?
When coming to Grit City Health, it is recommended to wear something that you can move around comfortably in. An outfit that you would wear to the gym (shorts/stretchy pants, and an active fitting shirt or tank top). This allows you to move freely through assessment exercises and receive treatment in a comfortable environment. Most of the work at Grit City Health is done fully clothed and lying face up. This allows the body to rest and the muscles to relax. If there are any hidden bruises/lesions/cuts/scrapes please let us know prior to your session. Also, if your session requires any additional clothing needs, you will be notified prior to your visit. 

Now, if you are ready (and I hope you are)... Fill out the Intake Form, and then either send me a text or email, or just give me a call. Contact Us!

If you are not ready and have some more questions... Same. just let me know what questions you have by text/email or phone call. Contact Us!